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LipSync Contest

1. Sign-ups can be done prior to the convention or on-site as space allows – DO NOT WAIT! Space is limited!

2. There is no actual singing allowed in the LipSync Contest!

3. We will not accept explicit lyrics. Look for a radio-edit version to submit. If you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution, or ask ahead of time!

4. Judging will be done with these items in mind:
- Sync your lips to the lyrics of your song, but remember, no actual singing!
- Face the judges as much as possible while performing. We wanna see you!
- Dance, act, or get moving! Show us whatcha got! And don’t forget the audience!
- Dress up, bring props, and be creative! Make this memorable!
o No more props than you can carry in your own hands (but we’ll help you get
everything on stage)

5. No burlesque or obscene gestures. This is a family show, so keep it clean!

6. OmniCon staff cannot win, but they may perform exhibitions as time allows!

7. Songs must be under 4 minutes!

8. Due to TTU's New Policy, you must be 18+ To enter lipsync competition. And this event will unfortunately be 18+ even though every performance is family friendly.

Lipsync Form

Thanks for submitting!

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