Omnicon 2020 MEmories Online Panel Submissions!

Hello everyone! Due to Covid-19 we are having to move our event online! And due to this in order to host a panel there are a few more rules than usual.

1. Must be streaming VIA: Twitch or Youtube! These are the easiest format for people to tune in!

2. Must keep it PG-13! We are family friendly!

3. Fill out everything on the form! We will be doing scheduled posts and the information we need is important to that!

4. If you use OBS Streamlabs or have any sort of program that allows overlays you get a special Omnicon Overylay! You can download it HERE and HERE. One with a webcam view and one without!

5. You must cancel a week before the event! This way we can properly adjust what's needed.

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Thanks for submitting!