Vendor and Artist Alley Info and Rules

November 23rd 2019 Nerdy Flea Market!

March 28th and 29th 2020 Omnicon!

Vendor Rules

1. If you are applying to be a vendor your stock must be either: 100% Original Content or Officially licensed merchandise. Bootleg items will get you a warning. Sometimes they are hard to spot so we understand the confusion.

2. You are allowed to buy up to; two 8ft tables and no more. If you need a larger set up this will require a bit more information and teamwork.

3. Weapons require an ID to be purchased. Even if they are props.

4. No 18+, Gory, or Obscene Materials maybe visible on your booth. If someone requests to see any material of this nature you must ID.

5. We are not responsible for: Lost, stolen or damaged materials or items.

6. You MUST provide a PAYPAL connected e-mail for invoicing.

7. You MUST provide a website or portfolio of what you sell.

Artist Alley Rules

1. If you are applying to our artist alley; you are agreeing that all artwork - fan or otherwise was created by you. Any stealing or using official images* will be punished by expulsion from the alley.

2. If using official images they must be in the form of buttons or decoupage. Or the stray official merchandise you might want to sell along side your art. (We've all been there.)

3. Artists may buy an 8ft table and a 4ft table at max. We understand some booths need a bigger expansion than others due to plushie creating and the like.

4. As stated above, you are not allowed to have 18+, Gory or Obscene material in your display. If someone asks to see this material you MUST ID the person asking to view them.

5. Fanart is allowed. But we also encourage original work as well!

6. We are not responsible for: Lost, Stolen or Damaged items.

7. You MUST provide a PAYPAL connected e-mail for invoicing!

8. You MUST provide a website or portfolio of what you sell.

Club Tables

If you are signing up for a club table it is free. But the rules are as follows.

1. No selling of merchandise.

2. Give-a-ways are permitted.

3. Money is to not exchange hands at the event.

4. This is for: Local Non-profits, Student Orgs, College Clubs, and fellow conventions.

Pricing and Load In Times

Pricing for the tables are as follows and includes up to two badges.

$50 for an 8ft Table

$30 for a 4ft Table

We take payment via PAYPAL ONLY. Meaning the e-mail you give us must be connected to paypal so we can properly invoice you.

Load in Times start at 8am on Saturday. We open the doors starting at 11am.

Load out Times start at 6pm and must be done by 8pm.

Load In and Load Out Bay will have a sign at the left of the building so it will be easy to find. Parking is free on the weekends so long as we do not take up dorm parking.

If you need help loading in as a staff or volunteer for help!

If you need a booth sitter feel free to ask staff or a volunteer. They cannot make sales, but they can protect your booth and answer basic questions.

To apply for Vendoring or Artist Alley please fill out the contact form below or email us if you have questions.

Alley Application

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