Cosplay Competition

Contest Rules

To Enter:


You can either fill out this form preemptively and be added to the roster. But you will be required to stop and have your picture taken for our site!

Contest sign up will be located next to the registration desk.

Contestants will be asked to fill out a short entry form with your name, character name, series, contact phone number and email address. We will also take a photo of you which will be used for the website as part of a gallery and to announce the winners online.


  • Please keep it clean as this convention is open to all ages. No derogatory/offensive t-shirts, gestures, or costumes.

  • A good rule is found in our attendee rules. If you can't wear it to a public pool. You cannot wear it on stage.

  • To compete in the Costume Contest you must be an attendee of of Omni-con!!

  • You must be present and in costume to register. No registering for a friend period.

  • Contestants 13 years old or younger you must have a parent or guardian present when registering.

  • This is an amateur contest so please only enter if you made most of the costume yourself. Closet cosplays must have heavy modifications to be included. If you wish bring a work portfolio you may.

  • Costumes should be based on Anime/Manga, video games, comic books, cartoons, movies, sci-fi, or fantasy.

  • No Weapons or sharp edged items that can be harmful to others allowed. Bring a plastic,foam or wooden sword not a real one. All guns must be non realistic or have the bright orange safety tip or a bright pink ribbon around them.

  • All rules are subject to change and final interpretations of these rules are up to the Omni-con staff members.

  • By registering or attending this convention, all participants agree to these rules and give permission to Omni-con to take and use photographs and videos of said participants for online and advertising use.

Cosplay Competition

Thanks for submitting!